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remote_self feature on Nine Tails is disabled to match our new bot policy

New rules regarding bots are now active. All bots should be explicitly approved by the administration

We're preparing to ban bots on our nodes. Exact amendments to our terms should be at the end of the week

Inari Pixel was moved to its own tld ->
Luckily it still has no fedration so only database update was required

Also we will retire our Hubzilla instance Inari Hub due to lack of popularity and problems with maintenance
It will be deleted on October 1

So, as we now also have a Diaspora pod, our primary news account moves to our Friendica at Please follow there for direct access to the news

We have launched a Diaspora Pod



Just to remind that the Inari Project has zero tolerance for repeated harassment and mass harassment. Aggressive behavior is not free speech

Inari Toot opened for users who like #Mastodon more than #Pleroma

Today we open registration on our #PixelFed instance, Inari Pixel
Federation is not available yet and the registration itself seems to be a bit glitchy at the moment so it's still in testing status